all media songs launched as a boutique music publishing and artist management company.

brought to you by hamish brown & tina waugh.

hamish brown has over 25 years music experience and contacts, from the uk, europe, and the usa, in both the creative and business environments of the music industry, as well as the advertising industry.

hamish brown is a member of the recording academy (the grammys).

all media songs maintains a proactive relationship with all types of established and new media clients (all media) with the intention of creating a high level of success and profile for our represented songwriters and artists.

all media songs represent all genres of music, but we only represent the finest songwriters and artists available - artists that we love, and (songs) that we love.

all media songs represents the estate of peter thomson (aka secession)

all media songs has it’s own recording studio facilities for it’s writers and artists to enjoy as they embrace the southern californian culture.

all media songs is located by the pacific coast in laguna beach, and it is less than 60-minutes from all the west coast based music and entertainment companies located in hollywood, los angeles, and santa monica.